taking out the polaroid 250 and expired film

With the beautiful barn down the street at 2335 McCoy Road, Bear, DE, soon to be restored (thankfully) I have been out as often as I can to photograph it. In the last few weeks the crazy strong winds have blown out the south-western wall resulting in the roof curving inward. The possibility of it falling any day has also expedited my desire to capture it on film. Plus, I’ve met the soon-to-be owners and they are quite happy with me photographing it. So, I’ve felt free to really take my time, wander all around it, and get to know it even more. My goal is to get as many photos on film as I can and use as many cameras as time allows. Along with my trusty Holgas I’ve taken out the Polaroid 250 I bought on eBay in May, 2010, along with Polaroid 100 Chocolate Giambarba Expired and Polaroid 664 Twin Giambarba Expired. My ultimate goal is for the photographs of the barn to make up my show at Colourworks in October. Here are six unedited samples with the Chocolate.

Update 3/18/11: Here are six unedited shots with the 664 Twin:






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